Marriners Falls, VIC

Marriners Falls, VIC


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Despite being just a 25-minute drive from the stunning coastal town of Apollo Bay, you feel a world away at the base of Marriners Falls. Finding this waterfall contributes to the feeling of isolation. The winding access road and outdated walking track leads you deeper in to the back forests of the Great Otway National Park. The walking track is littered with large fallen trees that calls for your best limbo and hurdle skills. Not to mention, the slippery river crossings around each bend. But, the 1.8 kilometre trek proves its worthwhile as you come face to face with Marriners Falls. 

Water graciously tumbles down the 7 metre drop over and even through the trees that have fell at its base. This pretty waterfall is enclosed by a steep-walled cove, where a number of fallen trees now lay in the shape of an arch. It may lack the height and power of Erskine and Hopetoun Falls but this hidden location truly awakens your adventurous side.