Daintree, QLD

Daintree, QLD


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Hidden under the lush canopy of the Daintree Rainforest are the sacred pools of Kaba Gada. These pools are one of the most sacred sites in the region to the local indigenous Kuku Yalanji people. Traditionally, this site is sacred to the women of the Kuk Yalanji (known as women’s business), meaning only women are permitted to enter the sacred waters. This is due to their belief that the waters hold special healing powers, and thus Kuku Yalanji women would bring their new borns here after birth, or when they were ill.

It’s not hard to see why this site is sacred to the local indigenous people. The deep blue azure water is something to behold and the fringing rainforest is part of the oldest on earth, dating back 135 million years. The Daintree region is not only the oldest rainforest on earth, but also the most ecologically diverse, making it a truly remarkable place.