Rainbow Serpent
Rainbow Serpent
Rainbow Serpent

Rainbow Serpent


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Gagudju Country, Northern Territory

The Rainbow Serpent (Serpant) dreaming in Aboriginal society represents one of the great and powerful forces of nature and spirit. Connected to water, the Rainbow Serpent is the great life giver, and protector of water, which is his spiritual home.

People believe that the power of the Rainbow Serpent is so great that he can instantly whip up a storm, high winds and driving rain, and that he quickly drown anyone who does not know how to approach him properly. As a protector of water, the Rainbow Serpent also controls water, so he has the power over life and death in the desert.

In Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory the Rainbow Serpent is associated with rituals of abundance and propagation in the natural world, and of fertility and well-being in human society. It has the power over life and death, bringing conception spirits to the water holes, but also punishing those who break traditional laws.

Known as Ngalyod in the Kuninjku language of Arnhem Land, the Rainbow Serpent is linked to water sources around creeks and rivers, and is responsible for the production of water plants - waterlilies, vines and palms, that grow near water. The Rainbow Snake is held in respect because of the ability to renew life by shedding the skin and emerging anew.

Aboriginal myths about the rainbow serpent often describe a fearful creature that swallows humans only to regurgitate them, transformed by her blood.

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