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Kundjey'mi Country, Northern Territory

Kakadu’s incredible biodiversity is recognised all over the world.

The park’s World Heritage-listed landscapes change dramatically from one end of the park to the other, encompassing mangrove-lined coastlines, sweeping stone country and endless floodplains and wetlands.

Kakadu is home to more than 280 different types of birds – around a third of all bird species in Australia.

Some birds range across different habitats, but many are found in only one environment.

The tropical summer signals the beginning of the breeding season for waterbirds as they spread throughout Kakadu’s rapidly filling wetlands.

Stately brolgas, jabirus and egrets patrol the shallows while comb-crested jacanas stride across lily leaves and birds of prey cruise the skies. The largest of these, the white-bellied sea eagle, glides over the billabongs plucking fish from the water with large talons.

As the water recedes during the dry season, the birds congregate on shrinking billabongs and deep waterholes. Late in the dry season, large flocks of magpie geese, plumed whistling-ducks and other waterbirds crowd the few remaining billabongs.

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