The Cathedral, Mount Buffalo

The Cathedral, Mount Buffalo


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Standing tall in the middle of the Buffalo Plateau, the granite tor of The Cathedral is captivating from every angle. Chances are that you've already seen countless photos or postcards of it, such is its popularity as a photography destination. It's simply spectacular, and very accessible as a short walk.

The Snowy Mountains, like no other landscape I have photographed has a magnetic draw that keeps on pulling me back. Why? It is simple; there are very few words that can convey the feeling of standing alone on top of a remote mountains waiting for the light to morph the landscape from silver to gold. If photography is my ideal escapism, then the Snowy Mountains are my ideal canvas.

Like no other landscape I have photographed in Australia, the Snowy Mountains seem to have a personality of their own - a personality akin to that of a typical Australian larrikin; understated in their grandeur but overstated in their character.